Key Objective

The key objective of the Insulated Panel Council Australasia Ltd Code of Practice (the CODE) is to increase fire fighter confidence when fighting fires in structures which are made of Insulated Sandwich Panel. The intention of the CODE is to deliver a Panel System which performs better when subject to fire conditions. The CODE DOES NOT mitigate any requirements of the relevant building legislation. The CODE was not intended to be used in conjunction with a fire engineered alternative solution under the performance provisions of the Building Code of Australia. Persons submitting design applications using the CODE as part of a building approval submission need to consult with the Fire Brigade having jurisdiction.

Other key objectives of the CODE are:

  • To promote best practice in the design specification and approval for facilities using ISP and EPS-FR Panel.
  • To establish minimum acceptable benchmarks for manufacturing and installation of ISP and EPS-FR Panel.
  • To promote strategies to address risks of fires.
  • To promote high levels of maintenance of facilities made of ISP and EPS-FR Panel.
  • To promote environmental and sustainability credentials for ISP and EPS-FR Panel.
  • To provide recognisable 'Code Branding Mark' to distinguish ISP and EPS-FR Panel compliant facilities.