Risk Management

Expanded Polystyrene Fire Retardant Panel (ISP and EPS-FR Panel) Systems and all ISP types used in conjunction with active risk management strike the right balance between form and function when specified for manufacturing, cold storage, food-processing facilities and a range of other controlled environment building applications.
Active fire detection and protection measures are a critical part of risk management in all buildings as is the early intervention of the local fire services. Understanding the structural and fire behaviour properties of building systems is what fire protection professionals are trained to do.
The composite action of the ISP and EPS-FR Panel Systems delivers the high span to weight capabilities typical of a lightweight construction system. Installation recommendations, flowing from the recent amendments to the National Construction Code (NCC), further enhance ISP and EPS-FR Panel Systems structure.

The risk/return trade-off can make or break a project. Investment in using ISP and EPS-FR Panel Systems correctly can mean the difference between a profitable venture or otherwise. Ultimately, the use of ISP and EPS-FR Panel Systems in a development is a commercial decision over the lifetime of the project.

When installed the correct way, the ISP and EPS-FR Panel Systems is one of the fastest and lightest wall systems to erect.

Insurance is all about risk and loss control. Many large insurers provide cover for ISP and EPS-FR Panel Systems exposure along with prudent loss protection measures.